Yoga may be rooted in ancient India, but it’s morphed into something new in North America today.

Precisely what that might be, however, is difficult to say. Yoga is taught everywhere from spas to prisons, and for everything from weight loss to spiritual transcendence. With its chameleon-like ability to adapt equally well to advertising, athletics, and ashrams, contemporary yoga is a fascinating phenomenon that invites investigation.

Written by experienced practitioners who are also teachers, therapists, activists, scholars, studio owners, and interfaith ministers, 21st Century Yoga is one of the first books to provide a multi-faceted examination of yoga as it actually exists in contemporary North America. Key themes addressed in the essays include:

  • The significance of the body in yoga culture
  • Yoga’s capacities and limitations as a healing modality
  • Mind/body splits in the yoga and Zen communities
  • Healing anorexia through yoga
  • Holistic recovery through yoga and the 12 Steps
  • Social engagement and interdependence
  • Yoga and contemporary spirituality

About the Editors: Carol Horton, Ph.D., is the author of Yoga Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body, and Race and the Making of American Liberalism. Roseanne Harvey is ounder of the popular blog, It’s All Yoga, Baby, and former editor of the leading Canadian yoga magazine, Ascent.


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